Pete Cromer: Book Covers - Line Art - Sea Life Collection

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Book Covers - Line Art: A4 and A3 Wrap Around - Gifted and Talented Teacher x Pete Cromer: Sea Life Collection

New year, new books, new inspiration. Dive into this range of editable book covers to suit the many subject areas taught within a classroom space. Express individuality and allow students to design and explore Australian Sea Life with Pete Cromer's range of line art. Note: the book covers are designed to be coloured in. The book covers do not come in colour (line art only). 

What's Included?
Editable A3 Wrap Around Book Covers + A4 Book Covers: 14 Artwork Designs

• Leafy Sea Dragon: English, literacy, literature, daily 5, writing, spelling, reading, grammar, handwriting
• Manta Ray: mathematics, math, maths,  numeracy
• Clownfish, Blue Tang, Butterflyfish: science, STEAM, STEM, technology, project based learning
• Bottle Nose Dolphin: history, HSIE
• Blue-Ringed Octopus: geography, HSIE 
• Green Sea Turtle: art, visual arts, creative arts, drawing, portfolio
• Golden Ghost Crab: music, choir, band, orchestra
• Humpback Whale: health, personal development, sport
• Dugong: religion, busy book, draft book, scrap book, workbook, homework, big ideas
• Western Australian Seahorse: additional
• Sea Biscuit Starfish: 
• White-Spotted Jellyfish:
• Great White Shark: 
• Lionfish: additional

     A3 Wrap Around Book Covers: 14 Artwork Designs - Editable
    • A4 Book Covers: 14 Artwork Designs - Editable

      What you need to know:
       Editable: choose your own font - blank templates provided
       Format: PowerPoint
      • Line Art only (imagery demonstrates how the book covers can be coloured in)
      The editable nature of these book covers allows the teacher to choose a range of subject areas that suit the specific class.

      About the Artist: Pete Cromer is a contemporary Australian artist based in the Colac Otway region of Victoria. Inspired by the optimistic personalities in people and wildlife, Pete’s work is renowned for his signature bursts of glowing colour and beautiful textures, all reflected in his bold collages, paintings and sculptures.

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      monique castiglione

      Pete Cromer: Book Covers - Line Art - Sea Life Collection

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