Spelling and Vocabulary

Lexicology is the study of words and their meanings.

Morphology is the study of the structure of words.

Etymology is the study of word origins and the history of words.

Understanding morphological components and etymological components of language helps to improve comprehension when reading.

Strengthening these areas also helps to develop a wider, more sophisticated range of vocabulary when writing.


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Morphemic Awareness Bundle | Morphology
Sale price$9.20 Regular price$12.60
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Key Terms (Prefixes, Bases and Suffixes Word Wall) Bundle | MorphologyKey Terms (Prefixes, Bases and Suffixes Word Wall) Bundle | Morphology
Sale price$7.20 Regular price$11.60
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Morpheme Matrix Activity Bundle | MorphologyMorpheme Matrix Activity Bundle | Morphology
Sale price$5.20 Regular price$8.10
Morpheme Matrix Task Cards | MorphologyMorpheme Matrix Task Cards | Morphology
Sale price$3.90
Morpheme Matrix Worksheets | MorphologyMorpheme Matrix Worksheets | Morphology
Sale price$4.20
Morphemic Awareness Activities | MorphologyMorphemic Awareness Activities | Morphology
Morphemic Awareness Lesson Sequence | MorphologyMorphemic Awareness Lesson Sequence | Morphology
Morphemic Awareness Teacher Slides | Morphology
Key Terms Word Wall | MorphologyKey Terms Word Wall | Morphology
Sale price$2.90
Derivational Prefixes Word Wall | MorphologyDerivational Prefixes Word Wall | Morphology
Latin Roots and Greek Roots Word Wall | MorphologyLatin Roots and Greek Roots Word Wall | Morphology
Derivational Suffixes and Inflectional Suffixes Word Wall | MorphologyDerivational Suffixes and Inflectional Suffixes Word Wall | Morphology
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Multisyllabic Words Bundle | Spelling
Sale price$11.20 Regular price$16.60
Multisyllabic Words Learning Sequence | VocabularyMultisyllabic Words Learning Sequence | Vocabulary
Multisyllabic Words Teacher Slides | Vocabulary
Multisyllabic Words Activities | VocabularyMultisyllabic Words Activities | Vocabulary
Save $4.60
SEEC Model Bundle | VocabularySEEC Model Bundle | Vocabulary
Sale price$12.50 Regular price$17.10
SEEC Model Activities | VocabularySEEC Model Activities | Vocabulary
SEEC Model Posters | VocabularySEEC Model Posters | Vocabulary
Sale price$3.40
SEEC Model Teacher Slides | Vocabulary
Sale price$6.50
SEEC Model Learning Sequence | VocabularySEEC Model Learning Sequence | Vocabulary
Sale price$6.20
Homophones | SpellingHomophones | Spelling
Sale price$2.90
Online Etymology: Investigations - Gifted and Talented TeacherOnline Etymology: Investigations - Gifted and Talented Teacher
Online Etymology: Root Words - Gifted and Talented TeacherOnline Etymology: Root Words - Gifted and Talented Teacher

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