Vocabulary Slides | SEEC Model

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Take charge of vocabulary within your classroom space. Move away from relying solely on the accidental and incidental teaching of vocabulary to an explicit and intentional approach.

This PowerPoint Slide includes 40+ editable slides covering:

  • the 3 tiers of vocabulary 
  • the SEEC model 
  • learning intentions
  • Select: read a focus text and collectively select focus words
  • Explain: modelled and guided opportunities
  • Explore: modelled and guided opportunities
  • Consolidate: modelled and guided opportunities 
    • Activities are pre-filled, include answers and are editable

This resource aligns with Alex Quigley's approach to vocabulary where one aligns word with 3 Tiers (categorising words), as well as the SEEC (Select, Explain, Explore, Consolidate) Model. An explanation of both the tiers and the model is included in this resource to provide the teacher with confidence and knowledge prior to and during teaching. 

Lean into full force of the SEEC Model with the coinciding bundle: Anchor Charts, Editable Program and Student Activities.

Format: PowerPoint

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