Boho Botanical

Soft greeneries mixed with earthy tones.

Bring Boho Botanical into a calming classroom space and organise with ease.

The editable features will have you taking creative control of this classroom decor.


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Boho Botanical - The BundleBoho Botanical - The Bundle
Sale price$39.90 Regular price$109.90
Welcome Door Display - Boho BotanicalWelcome Door Display - Boho Botanical
Sale price$4.50
Affirmation Station - Boho BotanicalAffirmation Station - Boho Botanical
Sale price$4.50
Classroom Jobs - Boho BotanicalClassroom Jobs - Boho Botanical
Sale price$3.90
Bunting and Flags - Boho BotanicalBunting and Flags - Boho Botanical
Sale price$3.50
Binder Covers - Boho BotanicalBinder Covers - Boho Botanical
Sale price$4.20
Alphabet Flags - Boho BotanicalAlphabet Flags - Boho Botanical
Sale price$2.90
Birthday Display - Boho BotanicalBirthday Display - Boho Botanical
Sale price$4.20
Days at School - Boho BotanicalDays at School - Boho Botanical
Sale price$3.00
Alphabet Posters - Boho BotanicalAlphabet Posters - Boho Botanical
Sale price$3.90
Amazing Work Posters - Boho BotanicalAmazing Work Posters - Boho Botanical
Sale price$3.20
Classroom Expectations - Boho BotanicalClassroom Expectations - Boho Botanical
Sale price$4.60
Borders - Boho Botanical
Sale price$1.20
Classroom Calendar - Boho BotanicalClassroom Calendar - Boho Botanical
Sale price$3.50
Circle Labels - Boho BotanicalCircle Labels - Boho Botanical
Sale price$3.10
Flip Calendar - Boho BotanicalFlip Calendar - Boho Botanical
Sale price$3.20
Large Tub Labels - Boho BotanicalLarge Tub Labels - Boho Botanical
Sale price$3.70
Magazine / Book Tub Labels - Boho BotanicalMagazine / Book Tub Labels - Boho Botanical
Medium Labels - Boho BotanicalMedium Labels - Boho Botanical
Sale price$3.70
Square Labels - Boho BotanicalSquare Labels - Boho Botanical
Sale price$3.70
Clock Labels - Boho BotanicalClock Labels - Boho Botanical
Sale priceFREE
Colour Posters - Boho BotanicalColour Posters - Boho Botanical
Sale price$3.20
Daily Schedule - Boho BotanicalDaily Schedule - Boho Botanical
Sale price$4.20
Days and Months - Boho BotanicalDays and Months - Boho Botanical
Sale price$2.90

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