The Writing Process Pencil: General

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The Writing Process: General [Editable]


This editable writing resource is designed to support the learner throughout all writing endeavours. This 'general' approach to the writing process can be applied to all types of texts: informative, imaginative and persuasive.


  • parts of this pencil are interchangeable to suit you and the needs of learners in your space. Use all or only a few.
  • given headings and editable paragraphs
  • this printed pencil is slimmer than the informative, imaginative and persuasive writing pencils. But why? This display is designed to stick around - all year round. A slim and longer display lends itself to a smaller space [door display, next to the whiteboard or to the side of a writing display]. 

What's Included?

  • Prewrite and brainstorm
  • Draft
  • Edit and teacher edit
  • Proofread and peer read
  • Publish

Format: PDF and PowerPoint

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Sheree H
A great colourful resource!

This is a wonderful resource to have on display in the classroom for students to refer to, and for teachers to see at a glance where each student is up to! Thanks :D

Taylor Gill

The Writing Process Pencil: General

Nicole M.
Writing Process Pencil

This is an excellent and high quality resource that is easy to read and a visual to support students in the writing process. I explicitly taught each section and when it could be used. For longer writing pieces, students place their name against the section they are up to. It helps the student (and teacher) to keep track of where they are up too.

Felicity Liang
Writing Pencil

A wonderful resource for my classroom, thanks for another high quality product.

Emma L.

Fab resource for my class wall. Easy to read and a nice visual on our literacy board. Students use it to keep track of where they're at and what their next step will focus on. Love that it can be printed A3 and not lose quality.

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