3D Object Volume Posters: Rainbow

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3D Object Posters - Rainbow

What's included?

  • Rainbow 3D Object Volume Posters
  • Rainbow 3D Object Properties Posters
  • Rainbow 3D Object Volume and Properties Posters
  • Black and White 3D Object Volume Posters
  • Black and White 3D Object Properties Posters
  • Black and White 3D Object Volume and Properties Posters

Printing Instructions: Print the preferred type of posters: rainbow or black and white onto coloured/white paper. Print in A3 for effective poster size.

Please note: it is a common mistake to use the term '3D shapes'. This is incorrect 3D objects are three dimensional and 2D shapes are two-dimensional (flat).

In some cases, 2 posters have been provided for the one 3D object. Definitions of surfaces, edges and faces vary from country to country and state to state. I have included a generic version, and I have also included a NSW Syllabus version. The'NSW' in the bottom left hand corner of the page will indicate a poster specific to this state.

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