Angles: Types - Posters and Student Activity


Angle Types

These angle posters and student activity provides the learner with examples and definitions of the full range of angle types.

Blank options allow opportunity for the learner to draw in the angle, after reading the angle definition.

Posters include:

  • acute angle
  • obtuse angle
  • straight angle
  • full rotation or revolution [both options]
  • right angle 
  • reflex angle

What's Included?

  • Full Colour Angle Types Posters
  • Black and White Angle Types Posters
  • Full Colour Angle Types Posters: blank
  • Black and White Angle Types Posters: blank
  • Angle Types: Student Activity - fill in the angle type, draw an example and write the definition

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Format: PDF

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Angle types

Such a great resource for students to refer to. Thanks Gifted and Talented Teacher

Susan McLeod

Angles: Types - Posters and Student Activity

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