Assessment Book - Victorian Curriculum

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Year Level: Foundation

Assessment Book - aligned to the Victorian Curriculum and available in all primary grades. The ultimate record keeper has arrived - record summative assessment data, conduct formative assessment with ease and actively move student learning forward. 

Taking control of assessment has never looked so good! 

What is included?
• Section 1:
Formative/Summative Grids - English content
• Section 2:
Formative Observational Note Taking - English content
• Section 3:
Formative/Summative Grids - mathematics content
• Section 4:
Formative Observational Note Taking - mathematics content
• Section 5:
Additional Curriculum Areas Grids - blank 
• Section 6:
General Comment Observations

up to 28 students 

Year 1, Year 2, Year 3, Year 4, Year 5, Year 6
up to 35 students 

Your download will include:
1 x PDF Assessment Book: Selected Grade aligned to the Victorian Curriculum
1 x PDF Assessment Book: Blank
PowerPoint: Full range of Assessment Covers (edit your name / class)
PowerPoint: editable class list

Can I edit the assessment book?
The assessment book is an 'unlocked' PDF. With the correct version of Adobe Acrobat, you are able to:
duplicate sections/pages
rearrange sections
edit text (Font: Futura is recommended as a default font OR download and use Glacial Indifference)
• add blank assessment sections to your assessment book and make this your own!

The open-ended nature of this assessment book is designed to:
• support the teacher to capture data with ease
provide strengths and next steps to students
assist at the time of reporting (written comments and grades)

Note: format - PDF (you must have an Adobe account should you wish to make changes to the Assessment Book). This Assessment Book requires printing, cutting and binding. Colours may vary between assessment books. 

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