Behaviour Management: Let's Shine Together

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Behaviour Management: Let's Shine Together
Set goals, make change and support students to work together. This behaviour management tool, like all tools, is not a one-size-fits-all approach. This technique works effectively when all students are invested in the collective goal. That means, it's best to prioritise student voice and ensure you have students on board prior to implementing this concept.

How it works:
Each time the class is seen as working together, add a sun 'beam' to the sun. Once all 10 beams are around the sun, students have reached their goal.

What's included:
  • editable sun centres (use a font of your choice)
  • Additional sun discs (to keep on rotation)
  • Sun beams
  • Blank sun centres | Text sun centres

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Behaviour Management: Let's Shine Together

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