Character Strengths: Strengths-Based Approach - Wellbeing

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Character Strengths - Strengths-Based Approach: Wellbeing

There are a total of 24 Character Strengths identified and led by Martin Seligman and Neal Mayerson. Whether you think you do or don't possess these particular strengths, research shows that we do in fact have each of these strengths within us. Some strengths are more developed and some rarely surface.

Did you know that it is important to find a balance of your strengths? It's important to identify your top 5 strengths, better known as your signature strengths, to ultimately capitalise on opportunities within your life. This process shows students that we all have strengths!

These goal setting hexagons are linked to the Pack of Positivity, specifically the pillar of engagement. Engagement looks to one's strengths and how to capitalise on these strengths. The 'engagement pack' includes posters of the character strengths (with and without definitions). These posters are colour coded and match the coloured hexagons embedded in this resource

After taking students through the definitions and meanings of each character strength, student self-identify a strength that they would like to work on.

Students write their goal on the hexagon that coincides with their strength of choice.

Build a wall in your classroom space. 

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Amy Cheers
Perfect Display!

This is a brilliant resource that I have just printed to use in our Teacher Planning Hub!

Gorgeous! Amazing! Super fantastic!

I am using this beautiful, high quality resource alongside my school’s values to support my students to truly understand what each element of our learner profile means for them personally. Thanks, Sarah!

Character Strengths

The Character Strengths resource has proven to be an amazing activity for students, it is also visually appealing for your classroom wall.

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