Calculating Area: Area

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Calculating Area: Area

With over 80 task cards, this numeracy activity engages a wide range of learners in the concept of area [grid overlay, calculating area, regular shapes, composite shapes]. The differentiated approach ensures all learners are supported and all learners are extended.

Calculating Area is a numeracy task that enables learners to calculate and compare area. Tasks include grid overlay support, comparison of area and composite shapes. 

What's Included?

  • Tier 1: 40 x Calculating Area - compare 2 areas with grid overlay
  • Tier 2: 20 x  Calculating Area - compare 2 areas 
  • Tier 3: 10 x Calculating Area - composite shapes 
  • Tier 4: 10 x Calculating Area - extension: composite shapes [circles, triangles, trapezoids] 
  • Answers

Format: PDF

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Rhonda Zeylmans

Calculating Area: Area

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