Digital Assessment Book - Western Australian Curriculum

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Year Level or School Licensing: Pre-Primary

The Digital Assessment Book - aligned to the Western Australian curriculum (SCSA) and available in all primary grades. Taking control of assessment has never looked so good! 

What is included?
English Content Descriptions and Outcomes (working towards, achieving and working beyond)
Mathematics Content Descriptions and Outcomes (working towards, achieving and working beyond)
• Working mathematically proficiencies
Working mathematically report comment bank
Class Admin Excel spreadsheet: class profile, adjustments for learning, awards tracker and social-emotional learning dispositions tracker
Bonus documents: A-E grading (all subjects), TAB grading (all subjects), formative assessment (all subjects) and summative assessment (all subjects).

Features - formulated cells:
key in 'T', 'A' of 'B' (working towards, achieving or working beyond) and cell colours will automatically change and percentages will automatically accumulate

Number of students
Pre Primary - Year 1: up to 25 students
Year 2: up to 30 students
Year 3, Year 4, Year 5 and Year 6: up to 35 students

Can I edit the assessment book?
The assessment book is entirely editable (Microsoft Excel). Please note: cells have been formulated throughout the document, and changes to the document may create errors. Gifted and Talented Teacher is not responsible for 'fixing' or adjusting the document once you have made changes. Instructions and a trial sheet has been included. 

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