Flip Calendar: Leafy Green

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Flip Calendar: Leafy Green

What's included:

  • leafy green: days of the week, months, years and single digit cards for the date
    • primary font
    • cursive font
    • up to the year 2032

This classroom calendar is designed to be used in 1 of 2 ways.

  • Cut out each of the components of the classroom calendar. Blu-tac the current day, month and year to the board. Using blu-tac, change the date as necessary.
  • Cut out each of the components of the classroom calendar. Hole punch the top of each component twice and loop these to a magnetic rod for the whiteboard. Change the date by flipping to the correct date as necessary.

Format: PDF

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Perfectly Matches my Classroom Theme

I love this calendar and have used it in my classroom every year. It has been looked after, so I have not had to remake anything. Any chance of updating the year to go beyond 2024 so I don't have to make a new calendar for next year, please :)

Hello! Thank you for this feedback. This download has just been updated to 2032. Enjoy! If you're after the Radiant Rainbow version, it has also been updated via giftedandtalentedteacher.com

Gabrielle Cohen
Simple, bright and effective !

Love it

Amar Elmir

Flip Calendar: Leafy Green and Rainbow

Thaseen Fathima
Flip calendar : leafy green and rainbow

Children loves to flip the calendar and learning it make easy in fun and interactive way.

Blake Davis

It was perfect!

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