Informative Writing Pack + Trifold Bundle: Animal or Insect

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Informative Writing

  • Report: TriFold - Animal or Insect
  • Informative Writing Pack: Research, planning sheets and presentation

This resource supports the learner to organise information prior to writing, during writing and post writing an information report. 

What's included?

  • Animal and insect trifold options
    • with lines
    • without lines
  • Diagram, lifecycle and fun facts
  • Appearance, diet, habitat, location, appearance and behaviour
    • with headers
    • without headers
  • Information Report Activity: Definitions
  • Information Report Activity: Research
  • Life cycle planning
  • Informative Writing Mat [editable + PNG files]
  • Informative Writing: planning, drafting and publishing phases

Use this resource to support the teaching and learning of a written informative piece from start to finish. 

Format: PDF, PNG and PowerPoint Files

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