Volume 1: Mathematicians - Mathematics Investigations

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Volume 1: Mathematics Investigations - Mathematicians

This set of 8 mathematics investigations are based on 'Mathematicians'. Students are encouraged to choose a topic of interest that is designed to extend and challenge their abilities. Students engage with sustained exploration of mathematical concepts, where they are encouraged to increase their mathematically fluency and engage their reasoning skills. This task card set includes:

  • activities to extend breadth of knowledge.
  • challenging and abstract topics.
  • extension activities for all task cards.
  • an emphasis on student interest through choice and voice.

Mathematicians covered in this set include:

  • Leonardo Pisano (Fibonacci sequence)
  • Blaise Pascal (Pascal's Triangle)
  • Archimedes of Syracuse (Origin of Pi)
  • Greek Mathematicians (Prime numbers)
  • M.C. Escher (2D shapes)
  • Albert Einstein (speed of light)
  • Sir Isaac Newton (3 laws of motion)
  • Choice and Voice card - students can choose an area of interest

How to complete a mathematics investigation:

  • encourage research
  • allow students to choose their end product (a popular end product is displaying all information on as single A3 piece of paper)
  • negotiate a time frame for completion
  • as the teacher, your role is to guide, monitor and direct

Disclaimer: stationery, task card boxes and A3 examples are used for prop purposes and are not included in the digital download. Gifted and Talented Teacher does not refund or exchange digital products.


Format: PDF

Recommended Age: Year 3 - Year 6

Customer Reviews

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Pip Finn

What a fantastic resource. It encourages learners to engage deeply and analytically. It is wonderful for students to have a task card to revisit for several subsequent maths lessons. Such a unique idea to explore and research famous mathematicians and then have the opportunity to explore real life problems using their principles and theories. Wonderfully differentiated too. I am sure this tool will be valuable in not only deepening my students knowledge of maths but also fostering a love for it too.

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