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Daily Schedule Gifted and Talented Teacher x Henri Matisse

Organise each and every day with these clear and simple daily schedule cards.  

What's included?
4 x 'What's happening today?' Banners
 Editable Daily Schedule Cards: Matisse Clipart
 Daily Schedule Cards: Action Clipart
 Editable Daily Schedule Cards: Coloured (No Clipart)
 Months of the Year
 Days of the Week
 Years (2023 - 2032)
 Digital Clocks: 5 minute Intervals [8:00am - 6:00 pm]
 Analog Clocks: 5 minute Intervals [8:00am - 6:00 pm]

What you need to know:
 Format: PDF and PowerPoint

Customer Reviews

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Jessica Sellers
Beautiful Display with Many Options

This display is really eyecatching and well put together. The only issue is it would have been great to have an editable opiton (Math -> Maths) and Mandarin is taught at my school etc...

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