Pete Cromer: Partner Match - Sea Life Collection

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Partner Matching - Gifted and Talented Teacher x Pete Cromer: Sea Life

Dive deep into the vibrant world of Pete Cromer's sea life art collection with this captivating partner matching resource! Designed to foster collaboration and engagement among students, each card showcases a stunning piece of artwork from Pete Cromer's renowned collection, bringing the wonders of the ocean into the classroom.

How it works: Every student gets a card, and their task is to find their partner based on the visual clues provided. It's not just about matching designs; it's a unique opportunity to explore and appreciate the rich diversity of sea life through Cromer's artistic lens.

What's included:
Partner Matching Cards - enough for 34 students!

What you need to know:
 Format: PDF

About the Artist: Pete Cromer is a contemporary Australian artist based in the Colac Otway region of Victoria. Inspired by the optimistic personalities in people and wildlife, Pete’s work is renowned for his signature bursts of glowing colour and beautiful textures, all reflected in his bold collages, paintings and sculptures.

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Jac Jackie

Pete Cromer: Partner Match - Sea Life Collection

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