Place Value | Giving Digits Value Activity

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Explore numbers in standard form, word form, expanded form and non-standard forms. The best bit? This activity is differentiated - that means, it commences with ones and moves all the way up to ‘hundred billions’. Every learner deserves to be supported and every learner deserves to be stretched.

Paired with a practical PowerPoint, the teacher is able to model place value to the learner, guide them to better understand how a digit can hold value and then provide students with the appropriate independent task (included).

So, what’s *really* included:

  • PowerPoint Presentation: modelled and guided components of - creating a number (of any size), determining the expanded form, word form and standard form. The exploration of non-standard form is also included.
  • Independent cut and paste activities: create your very own flip chart, with your very own number. Explore expanded form, word form, standard form and non-standard form.
  • Expanded form, word form and standard form OR expanded form, word form and non-standard form
  • Full colour or black and white

Format: PDF and PowerPoint

Customer Reviews

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Gosia Watson
A must-have in every classroom

My maths lessons have been enhanced significantly and a result of this resource. Students’ conceptual understanding of place value, and the role of digits within numbers, has grown in a short time. I would advocate strongly for every teacher to have this accessible for all learners in their classrooms.

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