Place Value Display: Rainbow Display

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Place Value Display: Rainbow Display

This Place Value Display has been designed with students in all grades/year levels in mind. 

Educators/Teachers have the ability to:

  • simply display the whole numbers and decimals, to show a progression of numbers as they increase and decrease
  • add the multiplication and division symbols to demonstrate how numbers increase
  • ask students to construct this display themselves, to gather a deep understanding of place value
  • add the fractions and powers to the display over time, to support advanced learners

 What's included?

  • Rainbow display
  • Black and white version
  • whole numbers/decimals
  • multiplication and division cards
  • fractions representative of each number/decimal
  • powers to represent place value
  • Place value cards commence at the millionths and move to the millions

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Customer Reviews

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Place Value

This resource is not only pleasing to the eye, but provides a differentiated approach for all learners. Being on stage 3 for the first time, I am extremely nervous, but having this resource has definitely put me at ease!

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