Rules of Divisibility - Poster and Student Activity

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Rules of Divisibility

This resource is designed to support the learning of division. These 'tricks', also known as 'rules of divisibility' allow students to:

  • check answers to questions
  • work mathematically with efficiency
  • check prior knowledge

Please note - the learning of division, inclusive of conceptual understanding, should be taught first. The rules of divisibility are a tool for students to use along side the division of bigger numbers.

What's included?

  • rainbow anchor chart/poster for the classroom
  • black and white poster/anchor chart for student books: cursive font
  • black and white poster/anchor chart for student books: printed font
  • single colour poster/anchor chart (green)
  • number and rule match activity (cut and play!)

Disclaimer: stationery and task card boxes are used for prop purposes and are not included in the digital download. Gifted and Talented Teacher does not refund or exchange digital products. 

Format: PDF

Recommended Age: Year 3 +

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Lisa Goldberg

Rules of Divisibility - Poster and Student Activity

Sonia Cary
Helpful Resource

My students were struggling with divisibility, it is great to have a resource they can refer to for guidance.

Emily Mills
Finally a help sheet for divisibility!

I always encourage my year 5s to use the multiplication table on the back of their notebooks for those tricky products that aren't quite stuck in their brains yet. And they are left high and dry for a quick helpful resource for division. After finding this little gem I printed out 27 A4 size, cut them down and they are now glued into the back cover of their math books.

Can’t wait to use this

I know this will help my students so much. Appreciate your generosity with this resource.

Kathryn de Freitas


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