The Application Process: Resume and CV - Getting Started

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The Application Process - Getting Started: FREEBIE

This handout was written based on personal experiences. Read this document in full and apply this to your context. The application writing process is a subjective one. That means, the processes are always changing, what people are looking for will differ and school settings are very unique places. The location in which you live and the experiences that you have will also affect the application process.

This handout has been written from the perspective of someone living in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. I encourage you to do your research, as expectations are always changing. Expectations also differ from the public and private sectors, as well as states and territories. If you are outside of Australia, again please check the requirements of your local area.

I have collected information and taken notes on the application process since I entered the profession. These notes are a mixed bag of personal experiences, prior learning and professional learning from particular courses. Please take what you need and use how you see best fit. Keep in mind, this document provides suggestions and examples. It is strongly advised that examples are not copied and pasted. Use the templates to develop your own application.

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Customer Reviews

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alissa gray

This resource helped me with knowing what I should focus on for the application. I also was prepared for my interview based on the questions provided. Much thanks!

Sarah Lewis

The Application Process: Resume and CV - Getting Started

Jono S

Worked a treat. Got hired first go. 👏🏼

Rachel Bruce
I got the job!!!

I’m from WA so not everything aligned but there were some great tips that I used for my interview and I got the job 🤩


I love all of the resources you've made. They're purposeful and engaging. Thankyou!

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