Types of Graphs: Posters

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Types of Graphs: Posters
Teach students how to display data the correct way and in a variety of ways. A range of data displays have been included, as this resource is intended to be used across a range of grade levels. Each graph includes a consideration of the acronym 'TALKS'. This acronym reinforces the need (at times) to include a title, axis, labels, key and a scale.


What's included?

  • Organising Data
  • Line Graph
  • Column Graph
  • Side by Side Column Graph
  • Bar Graph
  • Dot Plot
  • Divided Bar Graph
  • Stem and Leaf Plot
  • Histogram
  • Scatter Plot
  • Box Plot / Box and Whiskers Plot
  • Pie Chart
  • Picture Graph / Pictograph
    • self, peer and teacher assessment checklists

    Options include:

    • colour/color banner vs black banner
    • US and UK spelling e.g. 'colour' and 'color'
    • Degrees Celsius and Degrees Fahrenheit
    • Column Graph vs Bar Graph (horizontal and vertical options)

    Format: PDF Posters and PNG Assessment Checklists

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    Jess Carter

    Types of Graphs: Posters

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