Welcome Back Pack | 2025

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Welcome Back Pack

Welcome students back to the school year with over 20 engaging and relevant activities! This pack is designed to cover your first full week of getting to know students and how they learn - whilst establishing safe classroom and school expectations. 

Age group recommended: Year 3 +

What's included?

  • my first day: establishing life in the present
  • roll and tell: meet and greet fellow classmates
  • find someone who: meet and greet fellow class mates
  • two truths and a lie: open class discussion
  • classroom rules: establish the rules together
  • classroom organisation: organising the class together
  • school rules: student voice and understanding
  • Acknowledgement of Country: approved by Common Ground Australia
  • return and reflect
  • questions for my teacher: get to know the teacher
  • holiday recount: writing assessment and/or activity
  • height and hand measurements: time capsule
  • interest inventory: get to know your students
  • think outside the circle: identify a student's ability to think critically 
  • tote tray label: design your own
  • desk plate label: design your own
  • map of the school: locate school amenities 
  • goal setting: literacy, numeracy and personal
  • character strengths: identifying strengths activity and classroom display
  • team building task: working together as a class
  • rules and routines: open discussion about classroom expectations
  • gratitude scavenger hunt: identify the positives of the year ahead

Please email Sarah at hello@giftedandtalentedteacher.com for idea inclusions. These will be reviewed and included at the sellers discretion

Front cover available in full colour or black and white. 

Format: PDF | 36 pages 

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Louise R
Useful anytime

I had to get this set after using the covid inspired welcome back pack a few years ago. I love how you can reuse parts during the year.

Shawnee Homes
Great resource!

I used this pack in my first week back with the kids and got so much out of it! I loved the point of difference these activities have compared to the generic back to school sheets. Thank you Sarah! As always, your work is beautiful!

Jenny Tran
Engaging activities

An amazing resource full of engaging activities to ease students back into the classroom.


This Welcome Back Pack is simple and beautiful. The aesthetics and organisation is calming. Thank you for creating this!

Jasmine D’Arcy

Welcome Back Pack | 2022

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