Writing: Imaginative, Persuasive and Informative - Casual Relief Teaching


Writing - Casual Relief Teaching [or for the day you're away!]

This resource has been designed to support learners at the time of remote learning (in line with online learning and physical hard copy packs). 

The Writing - Remote Learning resource is structured in a way that can be printed OR scheduled to an online platform with a weekly overview of expectations. 

What's included?

  • Imaginative Writing: Creative Writing Opportunity
  • Persuasive Writing: What's better? Learning from home OR Learning from school?
  • Informative Writing: Holiday Recount AND Animal Information Report

Format: PDF

Recommended Age: Year 3 - Year 6

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Jane Dubojski
Powerful Persuasive

A great resource. I actually used it within the classroom.

Sarah Townend
Thorough and easy to use

This resource is easy to use and the kids are enjoying the content.
Thank you

Ashleigh Dwyer

Excellent resource as always!! Have used this for online learning with my kids and it’s wonderful 😊

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