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The x Pete Cromer Classroom Decor Pack - designed to suit an evolving and fluid classroom space. Intended to be used across the years, and over the years - Sarah and Pete have purposefully injected bold glowing colours, the subtle tones of a neutral palette and the leafy greens of the Australian outback.

We invite you to mix and match and play with colour. Get ready to translate iconic Australian art and new creations into the tangible medium that is your learning space.

What's included? 5P's of Our Classroom | A-Z Artwork Lettering | Affirmation Station | Binder Covers | Birthday Display | Book Covers - Line Art | Border Set: Fauna | Border Set: Flora | Classroom Calendar + Flip Calendar: Cool Colours | Classroom Calendar + Flip Calendar: Warm Colours | Classroom Jobs | Daily Schedule: Jacky Winter | Daily Schedule: Velvet Gecko | Days at School | Desk Plates: A-Z | Desk Plates: Quotes | Digital Slides | First Day of School | Groups: Literacy and Numeracy | Location: Door Display | News Roster: Show and Tell | Noise Levels | Quote Posters | Resizable Labels: 3 Sets | Skip Counting Number Set | Visible Learning | Welcome: Door Display

Bonus Files: Wildlife Colouring In | Bush Life Colouring In | Australian Animals Colouring In

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• Embedded GT Font: Line Up
 Format: PowerPoint and PDF

Customer Reviews

Based on 31 reviews
Emma H
Nothing but stunning!!

I am extremely excited about my purchase. I will be using this in my classroom next year but couldn’t wait to purchase straight away.

Simone Hall

Stunning items which bring joy to the classroom! The colours, designs and flexibility allows the bundle items to be adapted and made unique. Love it all!!


Looks fab, super bright and organised in my Art Room.

Kate Jackman
Worth it 🌸🐨🦎

High quality, vivid colours alongside the amazing Pete Cromer artwork. A resource for every corner of the classroom. My favourite thing, though, is the joy these resources have brought to myself and my new students. They are fascinated!
Thank you so much for creating the best start to 2023.

Leah S
Awesome, bright and fun!!

I loved the Pete Cromer bundle so bright and colourful and a real pick me up to start a challenging year. The kids are loving the illustrations and you hear exclamations as they discover another hidden gem around the art room. Love them 💕

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